Distinctly Durham

At Durham School, from the youngest pupils in the Nursery through to the Sixth Form, all our pupils’ successes are celebrated and valued. Our pupils’ achievements are impressive: performing on stage, earning a scholarship, representing their country on the sports field, achieving a grading distinction on a musical instrument. Sometimes, though, just taking part is enough, and our pupils are encouraged to throw themselves into all aspects of school life.

Pupils dedicate time to these activities because they are fun and enhance CVs but, more importantly, because they develop the pupils as people; they learn to compete, they learn to win without arrogance, and they learn to be gracious in defeat. 

We believe that Durham School is the best possible place for children to excel and reach their full potential. It is a place where they can fulfil their dreams and ambitions and leave us with confidence in their own abilities, allowing them to take on whatever challenges the world presents them in the future.