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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Durham International Schools?

Durham International Schools is the trading name for Durham Infinity International Schools Ltd, a joint venture company that has been set up to work with investors in different parts of the world to establish Durham International Schools.

Will Durham International Schools invest in new schools?

Durham International Schools is a franchising company and this will remain its core business model.
In certain locations, Durham International Schools may consider extending its involvement to the provision of managed services and/or a shareholding in the school operating company.

What are the franchise/royalty fees?

The fees will be discussed with investors individually and will depend upon the specific location/country being considered.

What is the estimated project cost?

Project costs will, in each instance, be specific to the particular location. Durham International Schools
will work with investors to conduct a preliminary financial analysis once a school site has been proposed.

Which countries are you considering for Durham International Schools?

We are open to exploring potential markets across the world; typically countries with a growing expatriate
population together with strong demand for international education from local students.

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