Headmaster’s Message

Durham School believes in the development of inquisitive, analytical, passionate minds, educated in a dynamic and interactive environment.

At the heart of this is a genuinely warm and inclusive pastoral structure where strong and supportive relationships between staff and pupils, and between pupils, is both expected and championed, and our inspiring and caring staff work energetically and with mutual respect towards shared goals. The School is very much a community that, whilst rooted in the best traditions of a 600-year-old educational establishment, is also focused on preparing our pupils to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Each pupil at Durham School benefits from the opportunities made available to them in the academic sphere, in sport, in cultural activities and in learning to lead. The emphasis on nurturing the individual is balanced by the responsibility that each has to play in the role of the lives of others, in developing harmony in relationships and teamwork, and in learning self-discipline and integrity.

We develop a fruitful partnership, too, with parents who contribute to Durham School in a host of ways and who are always welcome to enjoy watching the activities in which their sons or daughters participate. The skills and values that pupils learn at Durham School enable them to move into the future with a quiet confidence and the resources to meet any challenge.

Mr. Kieran McLaughlin