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Will Todd, Composer

Will Todd, Composer

“My time at Durham School was very valuable. In particular I benefited from the excellent music facilities and music staff who helped me to bring on my talents. I was actually not a very conventional music student and in many ways was a frustration to those who taught me - but crucially a lot of people at the school believed in me as a person as well as a musician and the confidence they gave me has remained with me throughout my life.”

John Laws, Lord Justice

John Laws, Lord Justice

“I certainly owe a great debt to the Classics masters in my day from whom I learnt much, and whose efforts were I am sure instrumental in my winning the Senior Open Scholarship at Exeter College Oxford.”

Nicole Lamb, Great Britain Rower

Nicole Lamb, Great Britain Rower

“Boarding definitely has a family atmosphere which creates a really strong and supportive community within the house. Being able to board was important to me so that I could fully concentrate on both my academic work and my rowing.”

Geoff Parling, England Rugby International

Geoff Parling, England Rugby International

“Joining Durham School provided a huge boost to my rugby career. I jumped at the chance to join Durham and be part of a proud rugby team stacked with history. I would definitely recommend Durham not just as a 'rugby club' but also as a school where you get endless opportunities.”

John O’Brien, Alumnus

“I owe a huge debt to Durham School. As well as giving me an excellent academic education it helped me develop independent critical thinking. The teachers don't just prepare you to sit exams and write coursework, they also prompt questions and discussions that force you to examine difficult problems that can't just be answered by quoting a textbook. I believe that the critical thinking skills that this approach developed are what helped me to succeed at Cambridge and MIT, and also in my career as a consultant. Durham doesn't just help you succeed as a student it also helps you develop as a person.”

Mrs Gillian Reader, Parent

“My children have been given an amazing level of confidence… a quiet confidence, to try anything.”

David Surtees, Alumnus

“What Durham School ignited in me was an enthusiasm to do more. It also taught me the concept of loyalty to people and to ideals and helped inspire faith. All of these things have contributed to any successes I have had in my personal, family, and professional life and to an ability to make and sustain friendships.”

Britta Norpoth, Alumna

“I am so proud to be an Old Dunelmian and love to reminisce about my two years spent at Durham School. My experience at Durham School encouraged me to continue learning languages and to discover other cultures. I went to Durham School from Germany, very scared about studying in a foreign language. Besides Germany and the UK, I have now lived in the Netherlands, France and California, studying International Business and Management and have learned Dutch and French as well. All of that is to a great extent because of the support and encouragement of Durham School teachers, staff and pupils. I hope many more young people can experience the benefits of a great school like Durham School.”

Mrs Susan Lamb, Parent

“Things that were important for us when choosing Durham School were knowing that our daughter would be happy - that’s critical.”

Thafer Bustami
International Boarder, U.A.E.

“Selecting Durham School has proved to be the right choice for enhancing my education, widening my horizon and studying in a challenging, fulfilling and well-rounded academic environment. It has given me greater confidence, a desire to succeed and to take full advantage of my potential and also to make my family proud.”

Jodie Cameron, Sixth Former
MacLeod House.

“It is a great privilege to be part of this amazing sixth form. There are so many opportunities here, with a huge array of clubs, events and activities to take part in. I know that when I leave, Durham School will have prepared me for whatever I face next.”

Katie Erwin
International Boarder, U.S.A.

“The close knit environment and the commitment that the staff and pupils have to creating a cohesive environment successfully establishes a strong sense of community and makes you feel a part of a family.”