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The Durham International Schools Franchise

The Franchise offering includes:
  • Use of the ‘Durham International School’ brand.
  • Licensed use of the ‘Durham School 1414’ crest.
  • Assistance with initial site evaluation and project financials.
  • Guidance on the design and internal provisions of the school buildings and sports facilities.
  • Assistance, where required, with regulatory approvals.
  • Recruitment of the Headmaster and other senior staff.
  • Advice and assistance in the selection and training of the Board of Governors.
  • Initial staff training together with on-going support as required.
  • Assistance in obtaining accreditation with the relevant international exam boards (i.e. Cambridge/ International Baccalaureate).
  • The setting of the curriculum.
  • Operational policies and procedures.
  • Guidance on marketing collaterals (including the website and brochure).
  • Introduction to an existing network of international agents to assist in attracting international students.
  • Active participation in promoting the new school to the media.
  • Guidance on merchandising (including school uniforms).
  • Ongoing visits to the School; support and advice where required.

Durham International Schools