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The Focus

Focus Expertise

Durham International Schools will work with investors in locations across the globe to establish leading schools based on the highly regarded Durham School (Day and Boarding School) model. The company will oversee every stage of setting up a new Durham International School, including selection of the site, the design of the buildings and sports facilities, the recruitment of the Headmaster and other senior staff, the appointment of the Board of Governors, the setting up of the curriculum, the school policies and the training of teachers.

The Expertise

Schools operating under the Durham International Schools’ umbrella will follow closely Durham School’s philosophy of academic challenge and aspiration in a supportive and inclusive community. Students will be encouraged to exceed their potential, to work independently, to acquire a lifelong love of learning and to embrace their social responsibilities. Durham International Schools will demonstrate recognisable Durham School traditions and structure, including the House system, a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, academic selection and small class sizes.

Successful university admissions will form a key objective for the family of Durham International Schools; its students are expected to go on to study at some of the world’s top universities, including, Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, Imperial, Yale and Harvard.

Teaching at Durham International Schools will be dynamic, inspirational and student-centred. Recruitment of the highest quality staff will be a key priority. Staff will be expected to have a passion for education, a willingness to work hard and in the interest of students and be able to stretch students in areas outside the curriculum. They will aim always to nurture students into well-rounded individuals whose intellectual, physical and personal development are viewed as equally important. As the Durham International Schools network grows it will use its geographic diversity and collective expertise to provide the highest quality institutions around the world.