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The Vision

Brijesh Bakhda

Brijesh Bakhda

Managing Director, Durham International Schools

Every great venture begins with a vision. For Durham International Schools, this vision is to deliver outstanding education to children around the world.

At the very heart of this initiative is the resolve to inspire young minds and to instil in students a ‘Confidence for Life’. This stems from Durham School’s longstanding tradition of academic, sporting and cultural excellence and an uncompromising dedication to the quality of education for its students.

In order to spread its reach around the world, Durham International Schools will work with investors on a franchise basis, allowing for the establishment of schools in multiple locations across the globe. The management team has hands-on business experience in different parts of the world and will certainly ‘speak the same language’ as international investors.

It is often said that parents seeking a world-class education for their children aspire to British schools. With the educational expertise that makes ‘Durham School’ the brand it is today, investors can be confident that a Durham International School in their country will be highly sought after by parents looking for the highest quality independent education outside the UK.

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